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Natural Brazilian Amethyst 7X5MM Emerald Cut Ring For
18K White Gold 1.81Cts Amethyst Ring Studded with Certified Diamonds
1.96Cts Natural Tourmaline Ring Studded With Diamond in 18K Yellow Gold
18K Yellow Gold Ring Studded With 0.03Cts Certified Diamond
0.83Cts Aquamarine Ring in 18K Yellow Gold Studded with Certified Diamonds
1.58Cts Natural Zambian Emerald Ring In 18K Yellow Gold
Ring in 18k Yellow Gold 8.430 gms studded with 47 pcs Diamonds 1.20 cts.
Ring in 18k Yellow Gold 3.794 gms studded with 6 pcs Diamonds 1.44 cts. and 1 pcs. Emerald 3.60 cts
Ring in 18k Yellow Gold 4.326 gms studded with 14 pcs Diamonds 0.48 cts.