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Hessonite is a variety of grossular, a calcium aluminium mineral of the garnet group. It has a characteristic red color, inclining to orange.IT comes chiefly from Sri Lanka, where it is found generally in placer deposits, though its occurrence in its native matrix is not unknown. It is also found in Brazil and California. It is the Birthstone for month of January.

Quality Factors

Hessonite colors can range from deep yellow or golden orange to cinnamon brown.The most desirable color is bright golden orange lighter stones exhibit more brilliance.
Gem quality hessonite is transparent to translucent, but lower grade materials are opaque. The most common impurities are honey colored inclusions.
IT is typically faceted to enhance color.Oval and cushion shaped stones are most common, followed by round, pear and octagon shaped stones.
Carat Weight
It comes in all shapes and sizes and the weight varies accordingly.
We supply HESSONITE in all shapes and sizes with high standard of cutting and polish.

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