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Chordia Jewels is involved at every stage of stones remarkable journey from Sourcing , Analysis. Cutting, Polishing to its Final Setting. Lets see our Stone journey…


Chordia Jewels sources all Gemstones globally from multiple sources located around the Globe. Our aim is to ensure that we will always be one step ahead when it comes to finding perfect home for a perfect piece.


Cutting a Gemstone requires limitless imagination , intense precision and exceptional skill. Our experienced team makes sure that every angle ,every color, and every size is thoroughly analyzed so that no detail is left unanalyzed.

From here the challenge is passed on to Chordia Jewels cutters ; many of whom are the best and most experienced.


When the Gemstones emerge from the earth they are rough and unrefined. At Chordia Jewels our state of the art facilities equipped with the latest technology gives our team the tools they need to ensure that all Gemstones are cut and polished to perfection.

The techniques allow us to best showcase the true beauty of each individual gemstone in its pure natural colour.


Chordia ‘s “Jewels” are hand made by highly skilled craftsmen working meticulously to create intricate jeweled works of art.

Our craftsmen have the ability to produce exciting jewellery pieces with immaculate setting and a strong yet effortless elegance.