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Tourmalines have a variety of exciting color, including the remarkable intense violet-to-blue gems particular to Paraba, Brazil, and similar blues from Africa. Favourite of mineral collectors.Tourmaline is a birthstone for October and also the gem of the eighth anniversary.

Quality Factors

Tourmaline rainbow colors have a wide range of color intensity and tone.
Pink to red tourmaline often has more visible inclusions than green to blue varieties.
Tourmaline crystals are often long, leading cutters to cut slender finished stones
Carat Weight
Tourmalines come in all shapes and sizes. The value change for size varies with the variety.
We manufacture TOURMALINE in all shapes and sizes with high standard of cutting and polish.



Francisco Spinoza expedition discovers Brazilian emerald: the first recorded green tourmaline crystal.


Tourmaline becomes electrically charged when heated. Also when squeezed it piezoelectric too.


Brazilian source famous for vivid blue to green tourmalines colored by copper.